Our Team


Sassiest & Sweetest Member of the Heinrich Brooksher Real Estate Group

Delta is the 9-year-old yellow Lab owned by Heinrich Brooksher Real Estate Group members Isabel and Zach Brooksher. Or is it the other way around? By all accounts, Delta is sassy, a little wild, and can give some attitude like it’s nobody’s business, but she’s also sweet and friendly and loves to be swaddled in comfy blankets on the couch.

Delta also loves swimming, especially in the Carmel River, where a ball or stick tossed in the water is just an invitation to dive in! She got her name when Isabel was in a sorority while attending CSUMB, so a Greek letter seemed fun and appropriate.

To reach Delta’s parents, contact Isabel at (831) 250-3866 or Isabel@TheHeinrichTeam.com, or Zach at (831) 250-3399 or Zach@TheHeinrichTeam.com.